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You’d love to get the kids you love through college debt-free, but you haven’t saved for college, you make too much money to get any government financial aid—or you think you do—and your kids aren’t getting any scholarships. Is there still hope?

Yes—but you’ll need someone to guide you. First in clear, step-by-step instructions in a book—and then in 10–15 live online meetings per year where you and others like you get extra support, community, and accountability that could never be squeezed into a book.

Who’s leading? Jeannie Burlowski, academic strategist and author of the comprehensive guide to debt-free college and career LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward.

Who’s in? Parents of students ages 12–26, and the financial advisors and admissions consultants who serve them.

Learn more in the fast-paced 3-minute video at

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